Supercharge Your Team: The Support

Catalog, the Support

Some people scoff at supportive roles, declaring that they are lower level kinds of jobs. Catalog doesn't think that, but he supports your freedom to have that belief. Throughout Catalog's life, he has seen the necessity of having good supports in place while more active members of teams execute goals and objectives. 

After Catalog graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and his appreciation for support roles became more concrete during his military career. 

In his current role, he may not be on the 'front lines', but that's okay with Catalog. Every person had a duty to fulfill, and he is more than happy to be the best support he can be. 

Meet Catalog. 

 Voiced by : Nikolai Porter

Supercharge Your Team: The Face

The Diplomat, The Face

Words are powerful things, for they can soothe the most troubled heart, or they can incite even the most peaceful of people. The Diplomat knows this all too well, and she uses her mastery of words and nuanced interactions to charm her friends and foes alike. She knows so many wonderful secrets, and she shares this intelligence with her team so they can achieve great victories. 

The Diplomat is the kindest, most charismatic person you have ever met, and she wants nothing more than to be your friend. 

Meet the Diplomat.

Voiced by Scribbler.

Supercharge Your Team: The Specialist

Cyber Queen, the Specialist

Even from an early age, Cyber Queen demonstrated a love of and an aptitude  for learning and mastering new forms of technology. She attended a computer magnet middle and high school, which helped inspire an even greater sense of admiration for working with technology. Cyber Queen pursued her bachelors and masters degree in computer related fields, and now, she is the IT department supervisor. 

She doesn't know this, but she is being considered for a vice president of IT position at her company. 

Meet Cyber Queen. 

Voiced by Wykeshia Atkins.

Supercharge Your Team: The Powerhouse

The Workhorse, the Powerhouse

Few people know him by his name, but many more know him by his deeds. The Workhorse has proven time and time again that he has the fortitude, the strength, and the will to over come any and all obstacles. 

When he was younger, he always volunteered for the gruff jobs others shunned away from. Why? Because they needed to get done. When people whined about the jobs being too hard, he simply stepped in their place and kept pushing until success had been achieved. 

When asked about why he does what he does, his response is simple. 

"Let me worry about the grunt work. You focus on the other stuff. That's how we win."

Meet the Workhorse. 

Voiced by Wuten

Supercharge Your Team: The Tactician

The Chess Master, the Tactician

Before one can become a 'chess master', one must first submit themselves to taking on the role of 'novice.' Once upon a time, the Chess Master was just that... a novice. When he first started out his journey delving into RTS strategy games, strategy board games, and other pursuits that required critical thinking, he often found extreme difficulty. Despite his many setbacks and defeats, The Chess Master was determined that he would become a force to be reckoned with. He never gave up, and he never stopped trying to learn. 

His constant mental pursuits paid off, and he began to establish himself as a brilliant tactician. Other professionals started coming to him for guidance and wisdom, and soon, his bosses took notice as well. 

Meet the Chess Master. 

Voiced by Ren Gilmore.

Supercharge Your Team: The Leader

Time Table, the Leader

For as long as she could remember, Time Table always wanted to work with others to accomplish great things. She worked really hard in college to get her bachelors and masters degrees in business administration, and she always sought out opportunities to work with others. It didn't matter how tight the deadlines were or how imposing the challenges appeared, Time Table always encouraged her teammates to do their best. 

Now, she leads her own team of excellent professionals. Keep an eye on Time Table and her colleagues. They are going to do amazing things. 

Meet Time Table. 

Voiced by BrilizyT.

The Rogue's Gallery

Here is the commercial for the Rogue's Gallery. :)