The Wrath of the Forgotten

Book 1 of the Korrinian Chronicles

What has been forgotten can destroy you and everything you hold dear.

Daisko Nori learns that lesson first hand as he goes about fulfilling his duty as an imperial bodyguard. Nori is sent to the city of Jadai to protect the youngest daughter of the Empress. 

What starts of as an easy, boring assignment will quickly escalate to an epic quest, filled with terrible monsters, questionable characters, and a race against time. 

Will Nori and his friends be able to get to the capital before the will of the Celestial Ones come to pass? 

The Witch's Theft

What do an obsessive witch, a kidnapped prince, and a warrior princess have in common? 

All three are forced to take matters into their own hands to protect what they love. Aya uses her witchcraft to abduct Prince Minoru and saves him from an assassination attempt. 

Princess Kio embarks on a quest to rescue him to avoid war between their two countries. While in the witch's custody, Prince Minoru questions the noble responsibilities thrust upon him. Meanwhile, a dark political plot emerges, which could easily tear the land apart. 

With growing threats all around them, Aya, Minoru, and Kio find love in unexpected places. Will true love survive in the menacing evil that approaches them swiftly?

Out of the Shadows

Sagen City Sagas

Vanessa McMasters is not a super villain like the rest of her family. 

Whereas they brought devastation and chaos to the Kazon District within Sagen City, she plans to bring order and peace... one death at a time. 

In her quest to right her family's wrongs, she discovers not everything is as it seems. Vanessa discovers firsthand that the "heroes" she admired so much are more insidious than she thought, and the family she hated for a decade was nobler than she could have ever dreamed. 

Where will Vanessa, aka Phobia, stand when the line between good and evil blurs?

That Which Dragons Fear

Book 2 of the Korrinian Chronicles

Time is running out, and only one thing can save the empire!

Princess Twisha Flara has a cunning plan to fight the dreaded Celestial Ones, but in order for her plan to succeed, she will have to go on another dangerous adventure. At least she has Nori, Apisa, Rayko, and Luxi to stand beside her. 

Tov is commanded by his masters to venture into an unknown land in order to fetch a weapon that will be able to kill a most hated enemy. If he succeeds, then his people may survive what's to come. If he fails, all is lost.

The greatest conflict in a thousand years is about to erupt within Korrine, and nothing will ever be the same once it does. 

The Death Goddess

Book 1 of the Death War Trilogy

How do you know you're not dead waiting to be reborn, rather than living, waiting to die?

Masai Iados will discover the mysteries of life, death, the afterlife, and love as he embarks down a precarious path of spiritual service, political intrigue, and cosmic discontent. 

While serving his beloved goddess, Anakanti, Masai will encounter treacherous plots, dangerous enemies, and a conflict that had been long prophesied. 

With both friends and foes hiding in the shadows, will Masai be able to maintain his life while honoring the Death Goddess?

Small Town Tales: Volume 1

Welcome to Amber Valley-- home of the Amber Valley Phantoms, a thriving garden club run by the doting Mrs. Johannsson, and an annually-enjoyed spring play in the Miverly Park bandstand. Of course, citizens may also bring up-- in whispered conversation-- the curse of MacMurphy Grove, the truth about what really lives in Abigail Oliver's Historic Manor House, or why large amounts of obsidian can be found in the forest on the edge of town. So come on down and visit scenic Amber Valley, but watch your back lest you become part of the tales.

Featuring the fantastic written work of the following authors:

Adam Armstrong, Len Berry,  Brittany Colbert, Michael Heath, Dana G. McDowell, MaryBeth Niederkorn, Jessica Proctor, and Eric Ralfs

The Rogue's Gallery

Tales of shadow, ancient magic, demonic pacts, and murderous plots linger in the background of the universe, like the echoes of a strange, yet haunting melody.  The worlds we live in are often shaped by the dark machinations of villainous men and women. Do you dare to whet your curiosity on the wonder of the stories within?  Step closer and brace yourself. You’re about to find out what depravity really means.

Featuring Fabulous Stories by 

Len Berry, Oscar Wright, John Grobmyer, Ahmed Bhuiyan, Janea Butt, Emory Glass,  S. L. Scott,Tim Baskin, Brittany Colbert, J.M. Tustison, Adam Armstrong,Connor Hayes, Eric Ralfs, D. A. Campisi

To Stand in Defiance

Sagen City Sagas


Super-powered Renegades have escaped prison, and now they are running loose throughout the city. Organized crime factions wage war against one another, leaving citizens and the landscape brutalized. The Guardian Force is stretched thin, and there are too many problems to act effectively. 

Of all the Districts in the city, The Kazon District is in the worst shape. Its the most dangerous, most crime-ridden, and least protected. 

What a perfect place to set up shop. 

Kyle Bronston, aka Atlas, and his partner, Zoey Novikova, aka the Unicorn, are venturing into the Kazon District alone. 

The bad guys don't stand a chance. 

Supercharge Your Team

What will your Role Be?


Do you want to take your team to the next level? Do you want to be a hero in your organization, swooping in to save the day? Do you want to enhance your own professional skills so they can be epic, invaluable, and specialized? If so, then prepare yourself to be SUPERCHARGED.

SUPERCHARGE YOUR TEAM delves into the subject of teamwork, and it offers strategies on how to improve a team’s rapport, effectiveness, and scope. It also identifies six superhero archetypes that can be found in the workplace. These archetypes can be used to improve professionals individually and teams as a whole.

Which archetype(s) will you personify? What kind of hero will you be?